New Book Offers Experts’ Tech Roadmap for CPAs and Business Advisors

A new book by Sageworks provides real-world advice for preparing firms to navigate technology choices, determining which technologies are best suited for the challenges facing firms and ensuring the solutions work for a firm.

Tech Roadmap: Selecting the Ideal Solutions to Thrive in Business Advising,” features insights of 11 leading industry experts in accounting and business advising. They offer practical strategies to help firms make technology decisions that will drive growth in the today’s shifting environment.

The book’s three key chapters answer the questions:

  • What needs to happen at a firm before it begins vetting specific technology?
  • What types of technologies should be considered?
  • How can firms ensure technology is adopted successfully?

“We know the opportunities and pitfalls that technology creates,” Brian Hamilton, Sageworks chairman wrote in the book’s foreword. “We also understand what a critical choice technology is for accountants and others who advise businesses, and we get how difficult it can be to make those choices. At a time when some people are predicting that robots will replace accountants, we believe technology, instead, will allow public accountants and advisors to shift their focus from mechanical, routine work to a more analytical role that proactively helps business owners run their businesses better.”