Kernutt Stokes Names Ritchie as MP

Steven Ritchie

Steven Ritchie

Steven Ritchie was named as MP of Kernutt Stokes (FY17 net revenue of $10.4 million) of Eugene, Ore. on June 1.

“I value his experience and energy. I know he will promote excellence by continuing our firm’s focus on superior service and strong client relationships. Stepping back as a managing partner allows me to spend more time with my clients and I am looking forward to that,” says Warren Barnes, the firm’s most recent MP, who will remain a full-time partner at the firm.

Ritchie has been with the firm for more than 20 years, having been promoted to partner in 2007. He focuses on privately held, owner-managed, entrepreneurial businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, forest products, wholesale, retail and insurance industries.

“When I started my career with Kernutt Stokes, I never imagined I would one day lead this amazing firm,” says Ritchie.