Former MP at Spire Hawaii Found Guilty on 13 Felony Counts

Patrick Oki, previous MP of Spire Hawaii (formerly PKF Hawaii) has been found guilty on 13 felony counts of money laundering, theft and forgery.

Oki, originally charged in April 2015, received the guilty verdicts in court and faces a minimum of 20 years behind bars for stealing $500,000 from his former firm.

“This verdict today should remove any doubt about Patrick Oki being a con man, a thief and a liar and now a convicted felon,” says deputy prosecutor Chris Van Marter.

Oki’s attorney Howard Luke says that Oki will likely appeal; that under the terms of the partnership agreement at PKF, Oki was entitled to the money he was accused of stealing.

“Actually he was underpaid – or under-compensated I should say – for the amount of money he should have been earning under the partnership agreement,” says Luke.

Over three years, prosecutors alleged, Oki forged signatures, made up fictitious companies and people, and even made up fake dealings with the Central Intelligence Agency, all as part of four separate schemes to steal from the firm and his four partners.

“When you look at the evidence we recovered, with him creating fake websites, fake emails and fake Paypal accounts, the fact that we found all of that is a reflection of the arrogance he had that he could get away with it,” says Van Marter.