Andersen Global Announces Global Board of Directors

Andersen Global has announced its Global Board of Directors. Andersen Global was established in 2014 as the international entity surrounding the development of a professional services model providing tax and legal services around the world.

Through its member firms and collaborating firms, Andersen Global now has a presence in more than 20 countries, and the Global Board was implemented as part of the overall governance structure that will support the global organization as it expands.

“I am very pleased to announce this Global Board and begin to work with the nine board members who have demonstrated they have the requisite background and frame of reference to bring real value to the organization and the governance process,” says Chairman and CEO Mark Vorsatz. “Each of these individuals represents the spirit of what we are trying to accomplish and the qualities and attributes of the Andersen culture and way of doing business.”

New board members include:

  • Bill Amon, OMP of Andersen Tax (Los Angeles)
  • Delphine Bariani, partner at STCPartners in France (Paris)
  • Ilan Ben-Eli, lead partner of Andersen Tax in Israel (Tel Aviv)
  • Pablo Ibanez, MP of legal services at Andersen Tax & Legal in Mexico (Mexico City)
  • Joseph Karczewski, U.S. Central region managing director (Chicago)
  • Ellen MacNeil, managing director of U.S. national tax (Washington, D.C.)
  • Jaime Olleros, MP of Andersen Tax & Legal in Spain (Madrid)
  • Dorice Pepin, managing director at Andersen Tax (Chicago)
  • Joseph Toce, U.S. East region managing director (New York)