French Company Accuses Andersen Tax of Forgery

The French firm that is using the iconic Andersen name accuses Andersen Tax of forgery and says it is suing the San Francisco-based firm, which has achieved a string of trademark victories and added 11 global locations over the last several months.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Stéphane Laffont-Réveilhac, who calls himself global MP of Arthur Andersen, says a suit was filed in France and that Andersen Tax used forged documents in its court proceedings, which resulted in legal settlements in the U.S., India and Brazil. Firms using the Andersen name in those countries were ordered to stop.

“Andersen Tax LLC directors has openly cheated and lied, to the detriment of the public, some judges, the Arthur Andersen’s alumni, their own employees and affiliated members,” Laffont-Réveilhac says in the statement. “Such conducts are offensive and inexcusable. That’s the opposite of our values.” Also, “We are continuing our relentless efforts to rebuild the network and defend its historical values.”

The response: “We have gone from the ridiculous to the absurd.” Mark Vorsatz, CEO and managing director at Andersen Tax, told Accounting Today. He says he is confident the courts will side with Andersen Tax.

Laffont-Réveilhac says he is filing a criminal summons against Andersen Tax, Vorsatz and is filling a complaint with the attorneys general in New York, India (Mumbai), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and the Netherlands Antilles (Willemstad, Curaçao).

A group of former Andersen partners established a firm called WTAS, which was renamed Andersen Tax after the partners acquired the rights to the Andersen brand in 2014 and expanded the firm abroad. Andersen Tax has filed suit against the French firm in several countries.