Praxity Celebrates 10th Anniversary

After a decade of consistent growth since its foundation in April 2007, Praxity celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Praxity announced that record global revenues for 2016 make it the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms. Combined global revenues of its 66 participant firms from 100 countries hit a record $4.5 billion. The International Accounting Bulletin’s has named Praxity its Association of the Year.

Praxity Chair Hilton Saven celebrated the anniversary with a tribute to the Alliance’s 45,000 worldwide experts and partners at participant firms. “The continued success of the alliance demonstrates the commitment of participant firms to sharing expertise across international borders and delivering world class service at a local level.”

Praxity’s Executive Director Graeme Gordon says the ‘can do’ attitude of Praxity firms sets it apart. “They take pride in providing a fresh perspective, working collaboratively to deliver an unmatchable service. By working together seamlessly across multiple borders, participant firms provide clients with a truly local yet totally global service.’

Past and present leaders share the view that while the future holds common challenges for all members – keeping up with the pace of globalization and the impact of technology on the professional services sector and communications – the Alliance is fit for what’s to come.

“Although delighted with the result of our collective endeavors over the past 10 years, we’re not complacent, and will continue developing a platform for participant firms to connect and share international expertise, seamlessly and cost-effectively,” Saven says. “Here’s to the next 10 years.”