AKT Announces Name Change to Aldrich

Salem, Ore.-based AKT Group (FY15 net revenue of $46.1 million), an IPA Best of the Best firm, has announced a name change to The Aldrich Group.aldrich-logo_2017

The firm announced that the new name is a way to go back to its roots. “Our founder, Kent Aldrich, had an entrepreneurial spirit that remains woven throughout the fabric of our firm. We honor his vision by using the name that started it all, Aldrich,” the firm says. The change reflects the “one-on-one relationships that have carried our brand for 40 years.”

“We live in a dynamic marketplace, companies are evolving, and it’s time for our next chapter,” says CEO Martin Moll. “Acknowledging our founder, Kent Aldrich, our growth will continue with the same ambition and determination that started our company in 1973,” says Moll, who on Jan. 1 succeeded Steve Tatone, an IPA Most Admired Peer who became chairman of the board. “Our commitment to improving the lives of our people, our clients and our communities does not waiver.”

The Aldrich Group includes Aldrich CPAs + Advisors LLP, Aldrich Wealth LP, Aldrich Retirement Solutions LP, Aldrich Benefits LP, and Aldrich Business Transitions LP.

In addition to the name change, the firm is unveiling a new logo, a refresh to its website, and a new look and feel to its digital and print presence. The transition from AKT to Aldrich will be complete in 2017.