AGH Admits Gin as Partner

Max Gin

Max Gin

AGH of Atlanta (FY15 net revenue of $11.6 million) is pleased to announce that Max Gin will be accepted into the partnership in January.

Currently serving as director of the firm’s real estate taxation practice, he brings extensive experience along with deep knowledge of the broad real estate industry and its many niches. His specialized understanding of the tax aspects of real estate operations and transactions allow him to provide developers, management companies, owners and investors with insightful guidance and effective tax strategies.

“Working with Max is a pleasure and a privilege,” says Kathie Gottlieb, president of AGH. “Max has an exceptional understanding of real estate tax as it relates to transactions, construction, development and management. He offers amazing value to anyone with a real estate focus.”

“Learning about clients’ goals and helping them achieve what they set out to do in the most profitable way is very rewarding. I am grateful for the opportunity to share insights that help clients’ businesses and look forward to continuing my work as a partner,” Gin says.