Sageworks Announces Partnership with Xero

Sageworks, a financial information company, announced that it is has partnered with Xero, an online accounting software for small businesses and their advisors. ProfitCents and Sageworks Valuation Solution (SVS) are now integrated with Xero, enabling accounting firms that use the ProfitCents financial analysis platform and SVS to transfer client data directly between Xero and Sageworks.

The partnership simplifies the process for accountants, business advisors and valuation professionals to create financial health reports, projections, benchmarking reports and valuation opinions for their clients. The new process eliminates manual data entry as the information from Xero is moved seamlessly into ProfitCents and SVS. Soon-to-be-released functionality from Sageworks will also allow firms to receive scheduled narrative reports on their clients’ businesses based on their Xero data. These analytics allow accounting firms to quickly provide highly valued consulting services that can deepen client relationships and create more profitable engagements.

Through the new integration, ProfitCents and Sageworks Valuation Solution users can directly access Xero data fields and customize the mapping of data, allowing them to create key performance indicators and ideal groupings for financial analysis using their existing Xero account structure.

“At Sageworks, our goal is to help our accounting firm clients become trusted advisors to the businesses they serve, and a big part of that is reducing the amount of time spent entering data so they can spend more time with their clients,” says Sageworks CEO Scott Ogle. “Because of this, making sure our solutions integrate with accounting firms’ existing workflows and applications is critical.”