Warren Averett Encourages Innovation With Think Tank Competition

Birmingham, Ala.-based Warren Averett (FY14 net revenue of $114.2 million) encourages innovation as a key to providing exceptional value and focused solutions to its clients. As a way to support entrepreneurship and reward forward-thinking employees, Warren Averett introduced an internal Think Tank competition, and the winners were chosen and announced last month.

Think Tank is a take-off of the popular NBC television series, Shark Tank. Warren Averett employees were given the opportunity to develop unique and impactful ideas. Their ideas were vetted, and the best ideas were presented to the “sharks.”

Supervisor Kevin Wang and associate Stephen Perkins from Fort Walton Beach, Fla., won the Most Impactful award, splitting the $10,000 prize. The team created a web-based platform that works in conjunction with several of the firm’s software systems. The platform will make a significant impact by allowing the firm to use the full potential of these programs and provide a better client experience.

Senior manager Paul Perry of Birmingham earned the Most Innovative award and a $5,000 prize. His idea, Data Analysis Group Outsource, has an implementation plan in place to market the savings and efficiencies experienced from the creation of the firm’s Data Analysis Group to other businesses and organizations. The Data Analysis Group reviews a company’s data to understand habits, patterns or trends of that organization in order to make better business decisions. Using that data to change the future of the business and industry is critical, and is becoming a “must-have” in the current business environment.

Lead business analyst Stephanie Walton of Birmingham was one of two Best Presentation award winners and she was awarded $2,500. She created an Operations Dashboard, a tool that cultivates better efficiency and assists Warren Averett’s operations staff and leadership by providing a quick view of their team’s status on different aspects of daily operations.

The additional Best Presentation award and $2,500 prize winner was a group effort with employees Mary Wiggins, David Kelso, Jared Thomas, Jennifer Hardin and Cynthia Talley. They worked together to upgrade Warren Averett’s entire expense report process from start to finish, bringing an automated, smart phone-based expense reporting solution to the firm. The integration provides greater efficiencies and an improved user experience for employees.