The 2016 IPA Firm Benchmarking Survey is Open For Participation – ACT NOW

Gain a competitive advantage and grow your firm with industry insight from the independent benchmarking leader in the nation.


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Your firm must complete the IPA Survey and Analysis form in order to participate in any of the internal operational surveys.


…June 2015 through December 2015: May 2, 2016

…January 2016 through February 2016: May 16, 2016

…March 2016 through April 2016: June 3, 2016



  1. CONFIRM participation in the IPA survey(s).
  2. Determine the key contact person or persons in your firm who will complete the survey(s). If you are not responsible for the completion and/or submission, please forward an email to the appropriate person or persons.
  3. Access the survey form(s), enable editing and save the survey form(s) using the ‘save as’ command.
  4. Review the “Welcome” tab on the survey form. If you need the IPA survey definitions tab in PDF, please let us know at
  5. If your firm participated in the 2015 survey and you would like to obtain a copy of your firm’s 2015 submission, please contact the IPA office at 317-733-1920 or at NOTE: IPA will not release any and all data without approval from the MP, CFO or CEO. Thank you for your understanding with this request. Once approval is received, we will provide you with your firm’s password-protected, prior-year submission for your reference.
  6. Answer all questions accurately based on your firm’s fiscal year-end data. An MP, CFO or CEO must review all data prior to submission.
  7. Complete the ENTIRE survey to be considered for any accolades.
  8. Submit your completed survey no later than the date above for your fiscal year end.
  9. Submit your survey directly to IPA at IPA will not accept scanned copies or PDF copies. Send the completed surveys in the original MS Excel document.
  10. If you wish to password-protect your survey submissions send your password in a separate email once you’ve submitted your final surveys to

THE 2016 INTERNAL OPERATIONAL SURVEYS Firm Administration; Human Resources; Information Technology

  1. Your firm may participate in any or all of the Internal Operational (IO) surveys at no cost. If you plan to participate, please CONFIRM.
  2. Determine the contact person or persons in your firm who will complete the IO surveys. If you are not responsible for the completion and/or submission, please forward an email to the appropriate person or persons.
  3. Open the Operational survey folders, enable editing and save the survey forms using the ‘save as’ command.
  4. If you would prefer to have the surveys sent directly to you, contact our office at

CONFIDENTIAL DATA – WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM The Platt Group / INSIDE Public Accounting: All confidential firm data, including salaries, compensation, income, etc., will be held in strict confidence. Salaries, compensation and sensitive data, such as income, revenues by niche, etc., will NOT be shared or publicized. We take extreme pride in our ability to collect this data to assist the profession and are now celebrating 26 years surveying accounting firms across the globe.

Please contact IPA at with any concerns or questions. IPA conducts a thorough review of each survey submission for commonly missed areas and for any and all errors. IPA will contact the person / contact named on the submitted survey form for any and all clarifications / updates. Some data, such as firm name, MP(s) name, firm net revenue, and organic growth may appear in the IPA Newsletter (if accolades are given).

COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR ON COMPLETING THE IPA SURVEY: If you’d like listen to a pre-recorded complimentary webinar hosted by INSIDE Public Accounting on the best practices for completing the SURVEY, click here.


  1. The opportunity to be included in the largest annual management of an accounting practice (MAP) survey in the country. To be benchmarked with more than 500+ firms nationwide and potentially be ranked among this year’s top firms in the: IPA 100, IPA 200, IPA 300 and the coveted IPA Best of the Best Firms in the nation.
  2. If you participate in the surveys, you will receive a complimentary copy of the August 2016 issue of the award-winning INSIDE Pubic Accounting newsletter. This issue highlights the annual IPA 100 firm rankings, along with a detailed financial and operational analysis of the rankings.
  3. A electronic complimentary copy of the 2016 Executive Summary, of the IPA National Benchmarking Report. If you participate in any or all of the IO surveys, you will also receive a complimentary executive summary when published in late summer.
  4. You will receive preferred pricing on the 2016 IPA National Benchmarking Report, the IO Reports, and other benchmarking items.
  5. You will get preference for selection in articles written by IPA throughout the year, (an excellent opportunity to market your firm).

If you would like to participate please contact our office.