Bruner Cox LLP Joins CLA

Bruner Cox LLP, with offices in Akron and Canton, Ohio, will join Minneapolis-based CliftonLarsonAllen (FY14 net revenue of $599 million) on June 1.

Bruner Cox’s team of 80 will continue to serve clients locally and nationally from their current locations in Akron and Canton.

Bruner Cox MP Steve Pittman says, “Devotion to clients has been in our DNA since day one. This means that everything we do is designed not to simply fulfill a request, but to strengthen the individuals and organizations we serve. We chose to join the CLA team because we see that promise to serve reflected in every interaction we’ve had together.”

Allan Koltin, CEO of Koltin Consulting Group who advised Bruner Cox on the merger says Bruner Cox could have remained independent, but felt CLA’s depth and industry expertise would provide tremendous value for their clients and growth opportunities for staff.

“CLA has become the envy of the Top 15 firms in the country in that they continue to grow at a record pace but also maintain outstanding profitability and a great culture for attracting and developing high performing talent,” Koltin says. “CLA is heavily committed to building out the Ohio valley region and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other mergers here in the near future.”