HA&W Adds Payroll Services

HA&W of Atlanta, also known as Habif, Arogeti and Wynne (FY14 net revenue of $68.6 million), has launched HA&W Payroll Services to help its business clients simplify payroll administration, save time and manage ACA compliance risks, the firm announced.

“Today’s tax and regulatory environment is very complex, and the risk of making costly errors is higher than ever,” says Richard Kopelman, CEO and MP at HA&W. “Payroll Services combines our deep expertise as business advisors with a high level of client focus to make managing the monthly payroll seamless and headache-free. Not only do we handle every step required from payroll preparation to deposit, but we do it with the corporate tax return in mind. That can save time when it’s time to file.”

This is why many business owners and HR departments find themselves looking into the details on cloudpay.net of similar services that allow them to streamline their payrolls.

Services include paycheck preparation and processing, PTO management, payroll administration (onboarding, garnishment management, employee termination), time and attendance, HR software, tax credit services, ACA compliance and reporting, and payroll-related tax compliance, including payroll tax reporting and filing federal, state and local payroll taxes.