Two Salt Lake Accountants Form Frederickson Murri

Two prominent accountants in Salt Lake City – Scott Frederickson and Scott Murri – have partnered to form Frederickson Murri, Utah Business magazine reported.

The firm provides a comprehensive range of consulting services including effective tax rate reduction, tax refund recapture strategies, private wealth planning and advising, and small business advisory services.

Frederickson brings 22 years of public accounting experience to the new firm. He began his career with the family firm in 1993, serving under his father Kent S. Frederickson until his passing. He then joined Ernst & Young as a member of the national tax practice, ultimately serving as the lead tax director for the Southwestern U.S. His expertise includes small business taxation planning, multi-state taxation guidance, tax credits and incentives, and tax refund recapture strategies.

Murri has 35 years of experience in small business planning and tax regulatory compliance, with extensive knowledge of estate and legacy planning issues that are faced by individuals or groups with a high net worth. Murri helps clients to better understand complex tax structures along with the benefits that they can achieve.