New Website Aims To Showcase Best Local Accountants

A new website has been launched that is designed to link individuals and businesses to the best accounting professionals in their area. Yasoocpa helps individuals and businesses seeking quality CPA firms, as well as accounting professionals looking to attract new clients and strengthen their firm’s online presence, the company announced.

Yasoocpa helps private individuals and businesses find trustworthy financial partners, who can help them decipher financial regulations and laws, as well as help them grow in an ever-changing, complex and competitive business environment. With Yasoocpa, users to view a map of where nearby CPA firms are located, view their hours of operation, read client reviews and book a consultation.

Yasoocpa does more than provide the name of the firm, address, hours of operation and services offered. “On Yasoocpa’s CPA directory participating firms can share videos and photos and interact with potential clients. Yasoocpa breaks the old stereotypical accounting-client relationship mold, and instead allows individuals and businesses to openly engage with prospective accounting professionals to find the most suitable professional for their needs,” the company says in a statement.

“Yasoocpa is a new, modern and trendy place on the web where people and businesses can interact with accounting professionals and have discussions about the things that matter most to them,” says George Ballis, owner and CEO at Yasoocpa. “Yasoocpa brings the CPA profession into the new modern age that makes searching and interacting with CPAs a new collaborative experience that gets the answers and services they need in a transparent, easy and enjoyable way.”