Delap Admits New Partner

David Buchanan

David Buchanan

Delap (FY14 net revenue of $12.8 million) of Lake Oswego, Ore., announced that David Buchanan has been admitted as a new IT security and assurance partner.

Buchanan joined the Delap team in the fall of 2009. With a background in technology and entrepreneurialism, his innovation, resourcefulness and auditing expertise has and will continue to differentiate Delap from its peers, the firm says. He works with both local and international companies, to which he brings risk management and IT assurance services.

Buchanan has extensive experience in IT systems across multiple industries, including health care, banking, and retail payments. He leads Delap’s PCI DSS and SOC reporting practices, providing domestic and international clients with information security services including risk assessments, security compliance, internal control reviews, network security analysis, and information security consulting.

As a subject matter expert in the retail payment space, he will continue to participate in the ANSI X9 F6 working group developing relevant PIN security and cryptographic key management standards for participant organizations in the payment ecosystem.

Delap CEO Alex Corrigan says of Buchanan, “His leadership, technical expertise and client service are truly world class. While the world has harnessed the power of technology to conduct business, there is a huge unmet need of supporting clients with data security and related assurance work.”