Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary

The Texas Society of CPAs (TSCPA) celebrated its centennial anniversary Oct. 29 by presenting the Young CPAs and Emerging Professionals Conference with Fort Worth Mayor Pro Tem Sal Espino as the welcoming guest speaker.

“This centennial celebration is not just about our 100-year anniversary, it also honors the CPAs who have significantly contributed to TSCPA over the years,” said John Sharbaugh, CEO of TSCPA. “Without the extraordinary work of TSCPA’s members, we would not be where we are today. Today we celebrate our members – past and present – and honor their contributions to our organization over the last century.”

Over the last century, TSCPA has enhanced the integrity of the CPA certificate. The organization has developed and implemented countless programs that have helped build members professional skills, broaden public perception of CPAs’ knowledge and services, and facilitated members’ delivery of services to meet market needs.

100 years ago, the Texas Legislature created the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy as a regulatory agency to oversee the examination and certification of accountants in Texas, ensuring they possessed a high level of expertise. That same year, TSCPA was created and held its first meeting in Fort Worth with 16 members. Today, TSCPA has 20 chapters across the state, with a membership of nearly 28,000 members.