WFG Names HA&W A ‘Trusted Partner’

Habif Arogeti & Wynne (HA&W) of Atlanta (FY14 net revenue of $68.6 million) announced that, through its ComplianceSuccess Program, the firm has been named a trusted partner by WFG, offering cost-effective ALTA Best Practices benchmarking, testing and reporting options to WFG title agents.

HA&W was the first CPA firm in the nation to perform ALTA Best Practices compliance benchmarking, readiness and reporting services across all seven ALTA Best Practices pillars, the firm says.

The program provides certification through independent third-party attestation using CPA professional standards, which provide the greatest level of assurance available to banks. Banks have historically looked to CPA attestation to mitigate business risk, which can be applied to independent title agents to ensure compliance with ALTA Best Practices.

Due to the variety of WFG’s agents, the underwriter requires a partner that understands how to best execute compliance testing for both large title agents with complex operations as well as smaller agents with less complex operations. HA&W has tailored its testing and reporting options to suit the compliance needs and requirements of both large and small title agents. Today, the firm works with over 275 title agencies across the nation.

“As a company, WFG is embracing the relationship with HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program. We want to ensure that our title agents have the education and resources they need to become compliant with ALTA Best Practices,” said Charles Cain, executive vice president at WFG. “We are confident that HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program will provide our agents with the most up-to-date industry insights, a high level of client service and an approach that fosters minimum business disruption while providing the highest levels of assurance throughout the process.”