WeiserMazars Partner Named Chair of IFAC Panel

Kathryn A. Byrne

Kathryn A. Byrne

New York-based WeiserMazars (FY14 net revenue of $158 million) announced that as of Jan. 1, partner Kathryn A. Byrne would be the new chair of the Compliance Advisory Panel (CAP) of the International Federation of Accountants ® (IFAC®). The appointment follows a global nominations process encompassing IFAC’s 130 member countries.

Byrne will lead the CAP in its oversight of the implementation of the IFAC Member Compliance Program. This program will serve the public interest by promoting adoption of international standards on private and public sector accounting, auditing, ethics, and education, and support their implementation and the establishment of related quality assurance and enforcement mechanisms.

The CAP accomplishes this through Statements of Membership Obligations (SMOs), and provides expert advice to IFAC staff on membership and enforcement issues, sets strategy in relation to membership, and will develop an assessment methodology, tools, and guidance in support of the Member Compliance Program.

Byrne has previously served as the deputy chair for the CAP since early 2013 and been a CAP member since 2010. She has more than 25 years of experience in providing accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting services to domestic and foreign corporations  She is a member of the Group Governance Council of Mazars Group.

“Kathryn’s experience with the CAP, IFAC, and as a professional accountant make her an excellent leader for the important work that the CAP does for the global profession and in the public interest,” according to IFAC CEO Fayez Choudhury. “As the profession continues to evolve, Kathryn will be able to help ensure that it provides a suitable framework for Professional Accounting Organizations (PAOs) to fulfill the SMOs and support their local economies.”