Reg Baker Restarting Own CPA Firm

Reg Baker

Reg Baker

Reg Baker, former executive committee chairman for PKF Hawaii, is relaunching his CPA firm in downtown Honolulu, the Pacific Business News reported.

Reg Baker & Company offers wealth management services for small and mid-sized businesses. He originally opened the firm in 1991. From then until 2012, the firm was one of the largest in Hawaii, serving over 300 businesses and preparing 7,000 tax returns annually, with more than 200 employees.

Baker joined PKF Pacific Hawaii last October, and his year contract expired in September

“The past year at PKF Hawaii was interesting and at times challenging,” he told the newspaper, referring to pending charges against PKF Pacific Hawaii MP Patrick Oki. I worked with some very passionate individuals that just wanted to focus on client service. That helped me to decide to go back to my roots and relaunch my firm. Being passionate about what you are doing is vital to success.”