LBA Haynes Strand Launches Advisory Group

LBA Haynes Strand has launched its own advisory group called LBA Haynes Strand Capital Advisors, the Charlotte Business Journal reported.

The group will offer advisory services to middle-market business owners including a range of M&A services, the newspaper reported.

Since the firm was established, LBA Haynes Strand has been an active participant in the M&A marketplace,” LBA Haynes Strand co-MP John Bly says in a statement. “Our firm itself has successfully merged or acquired 11 CPA firms in 11 years, which has created many new and exciting opportunities for the firm. Over the past few years our clients have been hiring us to advise on mergers and acquisitions, performing due diligence work and providing advice on the structure of the deal. With our history and given the tidal wave of M&A activity coming over the next 10 years, we felt that this was the perfect time to launch our own Capital Advisors group.”

Saeed Moghadam, an investment banker, will lead the new group as managing director.