Super-Mobile MPs Can Bear the Brunt of Travel Downsides

Long flights, hotels check-ins, back-to-back meetings. Repeat.

Such is the life of some MPs of professional services firms, and North Sydney, Australia-based Lawyers Weekly recently reported on the stress of travel and its effects.

In addition to the obvious impact of jet lag, “there are potentially nastier long-term effects – such as increased rates of aging, heart attack or stroke,” Lawyers Weekly says, citing research by the University of Surrey in the U.K.

The study showed that business people who fly regularly between time zones experience “travel disorientation” and suffer stress due to a lack of down time and absence from friends and family.

“Life as a leader of a law firm or a senior manager in a law firm can be stressful enough, but when you add absence and long travel to just the day-to-day issues that you face, it is a pretty potent mix and could contribute to you being stressed, anxious, depressed and ultimately unwell,” legal consultant Philip Gleed told the publication.

“Frequent flying can be classed as a ‘problem of the 1%’ as it only affects the top echelons of business. But spare a thought for the gender diversity issue before you file away this story away under ‘schadenfreude’,” Lawyers Weekly reported. “Women continue to be locked out of the top jobs in the legal profession. One reason, according to Mr. Gleed, could be that women do not (or cannot) put their hand up for jobs that require them to spend a lot of time away from home.”

Read the full study, “A Darker Side of Hypermobility.”