Research: CPA Firms Moving Away From Traditional ‘When We Work’ and ‘Where We Work’ Models

CPA firms are making good progress when it comes to “where” their employees work, but less progress flexing on “when” they work, says the latest research from ConvergenceCoaching.

The 2015 Anytime, Anywhere Work Survey gathered information from 155 CPA firms on adoption of flexible work arrangements. Today, Jennifer Wilson reported on the highlights of the report.

A whopping 97% of the firms surveyed offer flexible work arrangements like late start, part-time, 4-day work weeks, Wilson wrote in her blog. Also, 36% of firms no longer mandate Saturday work during busy season, while 56% still mandate Saturday work.

“This question shows a decrease over 2014 results, where 41% of respondents told us that they no longer mandate Saturday work, a disappointing result for those of us at ConvergenceCoaching,” Wilson wrote. Read more.