Learning System to Anticipate Future Trends Now Available for CPAs

The Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA) and the Business Learning Institute (BLI) have announced that a new learning system is available to teach CPAs to predict future trends.

Daniel Burrus, technology forecaster, innovation expert and New York Times best-selling author, has joined forces with the MACPA and the BLI to launch “The Anticipatory Organization™: Accounting and Finance Edition.”

The Anticipatory Organization™ Model, created and developed by Burrus and Burrus Research, Inc., has changed how many of the world’s most successful businesses plan their future and accelerate growth. Now, Burrus is bringing what he calls the greatest missing competency – the ability to anticipate change – to CPAs, CFOs, controllers and management accountants.

This approach to learning has been customized by Burrus with input from a group gathered by the MACPA and the BLI. The group – representing CPAs in small to large firms, CFOs, controllers, young professionals, and other segments across the profession – has worked with the Burrus team to gather accounting- and finance-specific examples that have been built into the learning platform.

Visit http://www.BLIonline.org/The-Anticipatory-Organization for more details.