Keystone Accounting Solutions Opens With No Hourly Billing

A new CPA firm, Keystone Accounting Solutions, LLC, announced that it has opened for business in Louisville, Ky., with specialized services for three industries and no hourly billing.

The firm offers full-service tax and accounting services to common interest realty associations, mental health services professionals and not-for-profit organizations.

“I wanted the firm to have a narrow focus so that we could develop deeper knowledge and expertise in the industries we serve,” says David Elks, Keystone’s founder. “Some firms may have a smattering of condos, psychologists, or Not-for-Profits, among their many other clients. We wanted to be the alternative, the firm that specializes.”

Unlike many accounting firms, Keystone doesn’t bill by the hour. Rather, the firm and the client agree on price before the work begins. Says Elks, “I don’t think a client should be surprised by a bill. I find it much better for the client relationship when we agree on the scope of a project and the price before expending time and effort.”