HMWC CPAs Finish Team-Building March in Grand Canyon

HMWC CPAs & Business Advisors of Tustin, Calif., finished its 37th annual “Death March” hiking adventure with great success in the Grand Canyon, in Arizona.

The firm encourages this type of team-building event to help with the firm’s goals of creating a work environment that fosters trust, initiative, loyalty, work/life balance and mutual employer/employee success.

This annual event is held at different locations each year and involves an extensive, multi-day hiking and camping adventure in the wilderness. The 2015 event was attended by 19 firm members, family, clients and friends of HMWC, all of whom hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon for a two-night stay at Phantom Ranch before hiking out on July 13. Ages ranged from 16 to 72.  The hike from the South Rim to Phantom Ranch on the Bright Angel Trail covered about 10 miles and a descent of over 4,300 feet.

The “Death March” is so-named because of the physical rigors of the event.  It was started in 1979 by Gerry Herter, former MP, who has attended all 37 Death March outings. According to Herter, the event is not only fun and physically challenging, but it helps bring everyone together on a more personal level.