BKR International Appoints New Board Leadership

David Goldner

David Goldner

BKR International, one of the top five global accounting associations, announced new board member appointments as well as a new Americas regional chair to support member recruitment and administrative oversight for the coming year.

Americas regional board members:

David Goldner (Chairman) – Baltimore, USA

Goldner will serve as the Americas regional chairman for 2015-2016. He is MP of Baltimore-based Gross Mendelsohn CPAs and Advisors (FY15 net revenue of $19.8 million), BKR members since 2002.

David Davis (Board Member) – San Jose, Calif., USA

Davis is the MP at Johanson & Yau Accountancy Corporation of San Jose, Calif., BKR members since 2002 and serving Silicon Valley since 1979.

Jennifer Hughes (Board Member) – Louisville, Ky., USA

Hughes is a director and past president of DMLO Certified Public Accountants, BKR members since 2010 and serving the Kentucky region for more than 30 years as a top firm.