Herter Receives Visionary Award; Williams Takes Over as Integra North American Chair


Gerry Herter

The Richard Glickman Visionary Award has been presented to Gerry Herter, former MP of HMWC CPAs and Business Advisors of Tustin, Calif., (FY14 net revenue of $7.3 million).

The award, presented in May by the 123-member accounting association, Integra International, is named after the first president. Herter’s firm was a founding member of Integra in 1995, and Herter served as its second president. The award is given to those who have helped Integra “Broaden Your Horizons” – a favorite saying of Glickman, who died in 2012.


Steve Williams

Steve Williams, the current MP of HMWC, took over as president of the organization during the same meeting in Houston.

“Beyond the award, Gerry has helped to show all of us at Integra the importance of building international business relationships,” Williams says. “To continue his legacy, as incoming president I want to emphasize the importance of succession planning for Integra member firms – essentially bringing younger partners into involvement with Integra.  If a firm limits involvement to one person, relationships fostered over many years are lost.”

Herter says, “I can truly say that Integra, for me, has been a life-changing experience. The ability to truly help a client who wishes to do business internationally, whether in Paris, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires or virtually anywhere else in the world, is very rewarding.” The award came as a surprise to Herter, who recounts his experience.