Weaver Admits Stewart as Director of SALT Services

Shane Stewart

Shane Stewart

Shane Stewart was admitted to Fort Worth, Texas-based Weaver (FY14 net revenue of $88.1 million) as the director-in-charge of indirect tax and SALT services. He provides SALT services across the firm and is based out of the Dallas office.

Stewart focuses on providing multistate indirect tax services, including sales tax, use tax, gross receipts tax, fuels/excise tax, business/occupations tax, and statutory tax credits and negotiated tax incentives.

“Shane’s extensive experience in SALT services will help Weaver to continue growing our practice throughout Texas and the United States,” said Mike Goral, PIC of SALT services.

Stewart brings years of experience in state and local tax matters involving evaluating sales and transaction tax compliance functions for clients operating in Texas, as well as in multiple jurisdictions. He has extensive knowledge in various industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, telecommunications, commercial airlines, government contractors, construction, retail, financial services and technology.

Most recently, Stewart worked at Ryan, a tax services firm, as a manager of sales and use tax. He led a team responsible for the recovery of overpaid taxes, developed transaction tax savings opportunities and helped build relationships to drive firm growth.