PrimeGlobal CEO Mead Named Finalist in Association Awards “CEO of the Year”

PrimeGlobal CEO Kevin Mead was honored this week as one of the association industry’s top chief executives during a ceremony in Switzerland.

Kevin Mead

Kevin Mead

The 2015 International and European Associations Awards took place during a gala at the International and European Associations Congressheld at the Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. Mead was the only accounting industry association executive who was recognized as a finalist for the celebrated “CEO of the Year” award. Sponsored by the Institute of Association Management, finalists for “CEO of the Year” are honored for their exemplary work in professional leadership of their association.

Mead’s career at PrimeGlobal has been a story of growth and adding value for the association’s membership around the world. He joined accounting association IGAF Worldwide as its president in 2002. For a decade, he successfully created numerous value-added programs for members and continued the association’s steady organic growth. Then, seeing the business landscape and the needs of his membership changing, Mead developed and executed the strategic plan that led to the largest association merger in the accounting industry: the successful combining of IGAF Worldwide, Polaris International and Fidunion International in 2012. Since then, he has spearheaded the complete rename and rebrand of the merged association as PrimeGlobal, instituted a range of new programs and services for the PrimeGlobal membership, and overseen the expansion of PrimeGlobal management to include Chief Regional Officers in Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“We believe that associations have the ability to lead and develop all sectors and industries, and the passion and dedication that associations and their employees put into their work is clear. This should be recognized widely,” says Damien Hutt, executive director of Associations Network.

“PrimeGlobal is a unique association, in that our most intense focus is on building relationships that facilitate better business around the world,” says Mead. “Personal interaction and working together are the subtext of every program, every strategic plan, every conference, every conversation we have. In such an environment, the ability to form and execute great ideas can come from anywhere and our volunteer and staff leaders work hard to encourage those great ideas to grow. In great measure, my role has been simply to allow great people to do amazing things and celebrate their successes. I have been truly fortunate to have such visionary colleagues who have allowed me, and PrimeGlobal, to flourish and serve as the best possible example of how an accounting association can help its members achieve success.”