DZH Phillips and Bridgeway LLC Combine to Expand and Enhance Client Services

DZH Phillips LLP of San Francisco, has combined with Bridgeway LLC of Burlingame, Calif., a financial operations consulting firm, bringing an additional 8 employees to the client accounting team to create Bridgeway Outsourced Accounting. The firm now has more than 80 accounting professionals and 100 employees.

“Given the pace of growth, risks inherent in staff turnover and demand for specialized expertise at emerging and tech-focused companies, clients are increasingly seeking nontraditional and flexible means of satisfying their business services and staffing needs, including even outsourcing their CFOs,” says Tom Li, director of the new Bridgeway Outsourced Accounting group at DZH Phillips.

DZH Phillips, working together with the Bridgeway team, can seamlessly provide financial and tax services resources throughout the Bay Area and offers clients both day-to-day resources and highly specialized services on an as-needed and/or individual basis.