RubinBrown Launches New Cyber Security Advisory Services

Rob Rudloff

Rob Rudloff

St. Louis-based RubinBrown (FY14 net revenue of $73.6 million) announced the formation of a new cyber security advisory services group. Additionally, the national accounting and business consulting firm added Rob Rudloff to lead the group.

“In today’s technology-driven world, all organizations, no matter the industry, size or location, are susceptible to a cyber-security breach. We recognize the growing need for cyber security assistance for our clients as their services and organizations continue to expand and interact within the digital space,” says Rudloff.

The cyber security advisory services team performs services in four key areas, security advisory services, such as high-level health checks to CISO (chief information security officer) on-call services; technical security services, including vulnerability and penetration testing; breach response planning, such as plan development and vendor validation; and SOC 2 (Service Organization Control reporting), which includes auditing security and reporting.

RubinBrown’s team of security and IT professionals average 20 years of experience in the industry, performing assessments and advisory services across a broad range of compliance, best practice and internationally recognized standards.

Rudloff, located in the Denver office, leads the cyber security advisory services team. Audrey Katcher, a longtime partner at RubinBrown, also serves as practice lead for the group.