Marks Paneth Admits New Partners to Its Tax Practice and Commercial Businesses Group

New York-based Marks Paneth LLP (FY13 net revenue of $96.6 million) has admitted two partners as of Jan. 1. Joseph Giampapa is a partner in the firm’s tax practice and Ryszard (Richard) Jania is a partner in the commercial businesses group. Both are based in Marks Paneth’s headquarters.

Giampapa provides high-net-worth individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts and private foundations with tax planning and consulting services. He also assists with state, local and federal tax filings.

Jania serves commercial businesses, including those in the jewelry and apparel industries, many of which are U.S. subsidiaries of foreign (including India-based) companies. He has experience in performing field examinations of jewelry companies and has advised clients in the professional services, fast food, technology and software industries.

“The deep experience, expertise and effectiveness of these professionals in advising businesses and high-net-worth individuals on various matters enhances the services we offer our sophisticated client base,” says Mark Levenfus, MP of Marks Paneth.