WeiserMazars and Mazars Group Launch Global Human Rights Survey

New York-based WeiserMazars LLP (FY13 net revenue of $142.4 million) together with Mazars GroupThe Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and an international alliance of governments and businesses, is launching a global human rights survey. The centerpiece of this initiative will be worldwide research conducted by the EIU to build an in-depth picture of businesses’ awareness of, commitment to and progress in improving human rights.

The EIU aims to secure responses from 750 businesses from around the world, with 50% of respondents being C-suite executives and 50% senior managers across diverse business functions. The survey will investigate whether businesses have made a formal commitment to respect human rights, how they approach implementation of that commitment, and the extent to which the environment in which businesses operate helps or hinders their ability to respect human rights.

The EIU will publish a research report in the first quarter of 2015, which will include a full analysis of the survey results, as well as insights obtained from interviews with leading experts and businesspeople.