IPA INSIDER: Tapping the Expertise of the Nation’s Top Accounting Marketers, Business Developers and IPA’s Benchmarking Metrics

Tapping the Expertise of the Nation’s  Top Accounting Marketers, Business Developers and The INSIDE Public Accounting Benchmarking Metrics

The accounting profession is caught in an epic tug-of-war between recording the past and influencing the future. By definition, accountants focus on the past, making sense of the objective, and undisputed results of a client’s business. But clients valuimages16O6IM1We proactive, forward-thinking, predictive ideas to help them navigate and shape the future.

Marketers are in a key position to help their firms bridge the gap between measuring the past and predicting the future. How? The first step is to understand what partners measure and why. This knowledge of traditional metrics will help marketers speak the language of firm economics and better connect with partners on the issues that are of most concern to them.

Guiding partners to look at leading indicators can help them see problems and opportunities earlier and act on them in a way that can influence the firm’s direction for the future. But first, marketers need to know and understand what measurements are of interest to partners.

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