Clark Nuber Receives Human Resources Innovation Award

Clark Nuber PS (FY13 net revenue of $31 million) of Bellevue, Wash., received the 2014 Human Resources Innovation Award from the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) at its annual conference in Montreal, Quebec.

The firm re-engineered its on-boarding system for experienced hires. The expansive new system includes an electronic offer package that includes new hire agreements and benefits information before they begin work; a mentor program; welcome materials such as nameplates, business cards and information about upcoming projects awaiting them on their first day on the job; and a systemized orientation program that includes conversations with HR, the partner in charge of their service group, the manager of learning and development and the CEO.

The intensive new process is generating rave reviews from new hires and reducing the administrative burden on HR staff, and based on current data, has the potential to reduce turnover by nearly two-thirds, the firm says.