Marks Nelson Vohland Campbell Radetic Shortens Name

Marks Nelson Vohland Campbell Radetic LLC (FY13 net revenue of $12.6 million) of Kansas City, Mo., has formally changed its name to MarksNelson LLC.

The firm was formed in 2001 by the merger of Marks, Stallings & Campbell PA and Nelson, Vohland, Gibb, & Reinert LLC. The newly merged firm had a staff of 30 and revenue of approximately $3.6 million. In 2007, the firm name was changed to include Mark Radetic, the firm’s current managing member.

The firm’s new name reflects the shorthand already used by clients and employees and will also strengthen the company’s brand equity due to its simplicity, the firm says.

“Our partners are in full support of our new brand identity even as some of their names are coming off the marquee,” says Radetic. “They agree on the long-term benefits our shortened brand name will bring.”

MarksNelson’s new brand identity comes with a new logo mark forming an arrow, along with the tagline “Move Forward.”

“Our team is energized by the new look and feel of our brand,” said marketing director Amy Hoppenrath. “It reflects our dedication to moving our clients’ businesses forward through the services we provide, and it also has a dual meaning for our staff. We provide a suite of development tools to help them move forward in their accounting careers and now our logo reflects that same momentum.”