Schneider Downs Announces Plans for Leadership Transition

Timothy Hammer

Timothy Hammer

Pittsburgh-based Schneider Downs (FY13 net revenue of $57.6 million) announced a leadership transition plan that will take place over the next two years.

Timothy Hammer and Steven Thompson have been named co-MPs of the firm, effective Aug. 12. After 30 years as president and CEO of the firm, Raymond Buehler Jr., is transitioning to the position of chairman.

Hammer and Thompson are members of Schneider Downs’ board of directors and executive management team. They will be responsible for leading the firm in the areas of product delivery and quality, client services, corporate culture, firm growth and community presence, the firm announced.

Steven Thompson

Steven Thompson

“As I enter my 30th year in a leadership position at Schneider Downs, I could not be more proud that our firm will return to a dual management structure,” says Buehler, who joined the firm in 1975. “This structure reflects our collaborative culture. Tim and Steve have served our firm with exceptional leadership and have the complete trust and respect of our shareholder group, as well as our entire firm.”

Hammer joined Schneider Downs in 1986, became an audit partner in 1998 and chairs the firm’s employee benefit plan services group.

“Our firm’s heritage lies in recognizing, and meeting, the needs of our clients. The market is ever changing, and Schneider Downs will continue to evolve as we introduce new services and capabilities to the market as they are needed,” says Hammer. “Both Steve and I embrace the challenge of carrying on in the tradition of Ray Buehler, and all of the previous leaders of our firm, in adapting to changing market needs and conditions.”

Thompson has been an audit partner with Schneider Downs since 2004 and chairs the public company services group.

“In both Pittsburgh and Columbus, Schneider Downs has achieved steady and continuous growth through a commitment to making our employees, clients and communities better every day. We’re blessed with a unique culture and heritage, and I’m proud to be part of carrying that into the future,” says Thompson.

The firm’s shareholder group decided that a “smooth and logical” transition process would evolve over the next two years as Hammer and Thompson continue serving clients as they become accustomed to their new posts.

“We consistently counsel our clients on the importance of advance planning in all of their business activities,” says Buehler. “Making this announcement early is simply an example of our firm taking our own advice.”