AICPA Membership Now Exceeds 400,000

The AICPA announced that its membership recently passed the 400,000 mark, a milestone that underscores the continuing value and vitality of the organization and the accounting profession.

The AICPA is the world’s largest member organization representing the profession and has seen solid growth in recent years, despite a volatile economic climate. Membership has increased almost 13% in the past decade and 25% since 1994.

“I’m particularly proud of the growth we’ve seen in the past seven years, a challenging period for many professional organizations because of the economic downturn,” says Barry Melancon, the AICPA’s president and CEO. “Hitting the 400,000-member mark is a testament to the multifaceted services offered by the AICPA and its commitment to the public interest, and it’s also a reflection of the high regard in which the CPA credential is held in today’s complex world.”

The AICPA provides continuing education, a rigorous framework of ethical standards, technical guidance on accounting and audit matters, advocacy on issues important to the profession and the public interest, and a host of other key professional resources for members.

“While membership growth is an important measure of the AICPA’s health and strength, it’s only part of the equation,” says Melancon. “We have a steadfast commitment to member engagement and satisfaction, too.”