RBZ Admits Saetia to Partner

Tammy Saetia

Tammy Saetia

Tammy Saetia has been admitted as a partner in the law firm services group at RBZ of Los Angeles (FY13 net revenue of $27.9 million).

Saetia has 17 years of experience serving law firms. She began her career at RBZ in 1997 as a new staff member. By 2007, she had advanced to manager. She then made the decision to leave RBZ to become the CFO of a large Southern California-based law firm. Throughout the next five years, Saetia handled all of the financial and operational aspects of the firm.

“Tammy provides a depth of expertise about the business of running a law firm that is indispensable to our clients,” says MP David Roberts. “The day she came back to RBZ she was acting like a partner – clients saw it and we saw it. She adds a lot to our group and it’s an honor to have her as a partner.”

RBZ’s law firm services group is the largest provider of specialized consulting, tax and accounting services to the legal profession on the West Coast.