Marks Paneth Appoints Partner to Real Estate Group

New York-based Marks Paneth LLP (FY13 net revenue of $96.6 million) appointed Michael Hurwitz to partner in the firm’s real estate group.

Hurwitz serves public and private companies in the real estate sector and advises them on real estate investment trusts (REITs). He knows a great deal about real estate investment and is very experienced in the investment field. In addition, he advises clients on opportunity funds, portfolio restructurings, acquisitions and dispositions, partnership taxation and core tax compliance issues. He also has deep experience in transaction structuring, tax due diligence and mergers, and acquisitions.

Investing in real estate can sometimes be risky, especially if the real estate is in a developing area. Having someone with key knowledge and experience can help when trying to make an investment. It can also improve the chances of that investment going well and smoothly. Sometimes investors need a guide to some of the best cities to invest in real estate so that they know their investment is going to be worthwhile.

Hurwitz is very well informed in many areas of finance so all of that knowledge can be applied to the business and its investments, making sure it has enough funding and that the risks are worth the payoffs. Many good things have been said about Michael Hurwitz and Marks Paneth LLP is very much looking forward to working with Hurwitz and seeing what he can bring to the table.

“Michael’s deep understanding of the complex issues facing the real estate industry and his experience with tax issues facing real estate investment trusts add value to the services we offer our real estate clients,” says William Jennings, PIC of Marks Paneth’s real estate group.