McGuire Named CEO-Elect of Grant Thornton

J. Michael McGuire

J. Michael McGuire

J. Michael McGuire will move from COO to CEO ofChicago-based Grant Thornton LLP (FY12 net revenue of $1.2 billion) on Jan. 1, succeeding Stephen Chipman.

The 55-year-old CEO-elect, who is based in Charlotte, N.C., was nominatedby the partnership board and ratified by the partners. He has most recently served as national MP of operations. He chaired the firm’s operating committee and oversaw the firm’s human resources and marketing and sales teams. He also chairs the Grant Thornton Foundation and serves on the Grant Thornton International strategic driver execution team.

“Following comprehensive succession planning and a thorough search process, we’re pleased to have found in Mike an exceptional leader to continue to guide Grant Thornton successfully in the future,” says Dave Wedding, chairman of the partnership board of Grant Thornton.

McGuire joined Grant Thornton in 2002 after losing his job as audit division head for Arther Andersen, which collapsed that year in wake of the Enron scandal.

Wedding says McGuire has been instrumental in building the firm’s industry program, “reinventing” the marketing and sales organization, and advancing the firm’s “talent and culture agenda.”

McGuire told the Charlotte Observer that he wrote a 160-page plan for his transition. “I’ve also … developed a plan for my first 90 days, my first six months and my first year. I’ve developed that in close collaboration with people inside the firm and some folks that I have as mentors outside the firm.”

He also said that Grant Thornton’s advisory business is a fast-growing segment of the business. “As companies continue to expand, they’re looking for assistance from us in finding ways to help them develop their supply chain, help them manage their growth, and mergers and acquisitions and things of that nature.”

“I am honored to have the opportunity to lead Grant Thornton,” says McGuire. “I am deeply committed to the firm’s values, strategy and furthering the global brand. I look forward to working with our talented people to position the firm for long-term success.”