Kennedy and Coe and Matson and Isom to Merge

Salina, Kan.-based Kennedy and Coe LLC (FY13 net revenue of $33.8 million) announced plans to combine with Chico, Calif.-based Matson and Isom (FY12 net revenue of $16.4 million). Owners of both firms voted to merge operations on Jan. 1, 2015, pending final approvals.

Together, the firm becomes one of the nation’s largest agricultural consulting and CPA practices. Jeff Wald, Kennedy and Coe CEO, will preside as CEO of the combined firm, which will bear a new name that honors the legacies of the two firms.

Wald says the firm’s deepest focus has been in food and agriculture. “We are determined to be part of the industry rather than a firm that just serves it. Over the years, we’ve added extraordinary capabilities and talent to anticipate and preempt problems for clients, and to help them seize new opportunities.” He adds, “Matson and Isom is a great firm that also happens to be the largest local CPA firm in the incredibly important California food and ag market.”

“Neither of our firms are interested in growth for growth’s sake,” says Jim Holt, Matson and Isom’s managing director. “What we’re interested in is helping the food and ag industry through some challenging yet exciting times. We can do that a lot better together than separately.”