INSIDE Public Accounting Announces Randy Mowat as 2014 Marketer of the Year

Randy Mowat

Randy Mowat

Randy Mowat, a partner at Calgary, Alberta-based MNP, has received the prestigious 2014 Marketer of the Year award. INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) presented the award to recognize Mowat’s exemplary performance in the field of accounting marketing during a gala awards celebration at the Association for Accounting Marketing’s (AAM) 2014 Summit.

IPA sponsored AAM’s Marketer of the Year Award for the first time this year. “Competition was extremely tight, as we received a record number of nominations from real rock stars in the field,” says IPA Publisher Kelly Platt. “We are thrilled to present Randy with the profession’s most coveted award. Randy is performance-oriented, entrepreneurial and visionary, and he helped take MNP to the next level.”

Kelly Bernakevitch, MNP Executive Vice President, nominated Mowat for the award. He says, “In the past fiscal year alone, Randy’s team was responsible for the development of over 2,500 projects to help showcase MNP in the Canadian marketplace.”

Mowat is credited with making a major contribution to double-digit growth MNP has enjoyed for 10 consecutive years. He created a highly successful succession services marketing campaign, which generated more than $7 million in revenue. A panel of judges, who are leaders in the profession, chose the Marketer of the Year after a rigorous selection process.


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