Congratulations To All Association for Accounting Marketing Award Winners

Forty-three awards for marketing accomplishment were awarded this evening for accounting marketers recognized for achievement. The Association for Accounting Marketing annual award gala features awards in multiple categories: web sites, branding, multimedia and maverick marketing.

Expert category judges, including professionals in marketing, advertising, communications and professional services, reviewed and judged 104 entries. Winning entries were recognized for the accomplishment of a specific goal or objective, executing a project strategically, and measurable results.

Firm marketing professionals were recognized at the 25th annual Association for Accounting Marketing Summit, Take AAM and Engage, as a culmination of over two days of education sessions for over 400 attendees.

The categories and winners are as follows:


Logo – New or Refreshed, Warren Averett
Integrated Branding Programs with a budget under $100,000, BERDON LLP – Accountants and Advisors
Integrated Branding Program with a budget of $100,000 or more, Richter LLP


Brochures, Warren Averett
Announcements/Invitations, Herbein + Company, Inc.
Publications: firms with $9.9 million in revenue or less, CERINI & ASSOCIATES, LLP
Publications: firms between $10 and $24.9 million in revenue, Henderson Hutcherson & McCullough
Publications: firms with $25 million in revenue and above, Rehmann

Marketing Campaigns

Recruiting Campaign: firms with $25 million in revenue and above, Rehmann
Integrated Marketing, Bourgeois Bennett, CPAs & Consultants
Direct Marketing – Direct mail campaign, Crowe Horwath LLP
Integrated Online Marketing Campaigns, WeiserMazars LLP

Media Relations

Non-Technical Published and Feature Articles, UHY Advisors Texas
Technical Published and Feature Articles, Carr, Riggs and Ingram
Integrated PR Campaign, Freed Maxick CPAs


Single Ads, Richter LLP
Campaign: total spend of $24,999 or less, Bourgeois Bennett, CPAs & Consultants
Campaign: total spend of $25,000 or above, SS&G
Paid Online Campaigns, Louis Plung & Company, LLP


Firms with $9.9 million or less in revenue, Hartmann, Blackmon & Kilgore P.C.
Firms between $10 and $24.9 million in revenue, Weinstein Spira
Firms with $25 million or more in revenue, Bennett Thrasher LLP
Blogs, WithumSmith+Brown


Budget of $9,999 or less, Peterson Sullivan LLP
Budget of $10,000 or more, WithumSmith+Brown

Internal Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility: firms with $25 million in revenue and above, Richter LLP


Budget less than $9,999, UHY Advisors Texas
Budget between $10,000 and $24,999, BKD, LLP
Seminars/webinars: budget of $25,000 or more, CERINI & ASSOCIATES, LLP

Client Service/ Surveys

Client Service/Surveys, Freed Maxick CPAs

Business Development /Sales Proposals/Presentations

Sales Presentations, Carr, Riggs and Ingram
Winning Proposals, Clark Nuber P.S.

Maverick Marketing

Maverick Marketing, UHY Advisors Texas

Members Choice

Members Choice, Hawkins Ash CPAs


Randy Mowat Named 2014 Marketer of the Year

Randy Mowat
Randy Mowat

The Marketer of the Year designation goes to an experienced marketer producing extraordinary results. This year’s winner is a stellar performer, having made a major contribution to firm growth; creating, introducing and implementing an idea producing significant results.

Randy Mowat, MNP LLP, in Calgary, AB Canada was chosen for Marketer of the Year for his high energy leadership, a visionary approach, and having the absolute support of his firm management. Mowat, nominated by one of his fellow partners ,is attributed with double digit growth in his firm Mowat was first marketing director, and is most proud of having built the firm’s first full service marketing department in 1997. By establishing trust and delivering value, the department has evolved to a highly effective and strategic full service marketing team.Among Mowat’s most significant accomplishments is the development of a highly successful succession services business development campaign that generated over $7MM in revenue, and his nominator calls the results of the program “immense,” both internally and externally.


Julie Tucek Inducted Into the Hall of Fame

Julie Tucek

Julie Tucek

Awarded to the “Best of the Best” in the Accounting Marketing profession, the Hall of Fame award goes to recipients with ten years or more of service, and recognizes both outstanding accomplishments and leadership in the association. Tucek is the Marketing Director at Legacy Professionals LLP of Chicago , IL. Legacy Professionals LLP is a niche firm providing audit, accounting and tax services to nonprofit organizations, labor unions, and employee benefit plans, governmental, and other entities. Tucek is responsible for the firm’s corporate marketing and business development working with the partners and managers to develop new business for the firm.

Tucek has been a member of AAM since 1998, serving as committee member and also as a member of the board. Tucek is a former board president for the association, and is viewed as an invaluable mentor in the accounting marketing profession.


Bonnie Buol Ruszczsyk Named 2014 Volunteer of the Year

Bonnie Buol Ruszczsyk
Bonnie Buol Ruszczsyk


AAM recognizes working volunteers as the functional driving force in the association; and the Volunteer of the Year award recognizes dedication to AAM, accomplishments within the marketplace, and involvement. Volunteers are the force behind AAM and contribute far more than just their time.

Ruszczsyk leads the AAM Atlanta and has contributed to driving increased participation and quality programming for regional participants. She has worked in the profession and, as an entrepreneur in her company, has provided services to marketers in the profession for more than 15 years.


Lexi McWiggins Honored As 2014 Rookie of the Year

Lexi McWiggins

Lexi McWiggins

Demonstrating excellence in the field, the Rookie of the Year shows creativity and initiative with their firm. McWiggins provided valuable service by contributing time and energy to improve the quality of the firm’s marketing programs. She was named 2014 Rookie of the Year by AAM for going the “extra mile” to contribute to the firm’s success within the first two years of her marketing role.

McWiggins joined Postlethwaite & Netterville (P&N) and the world of accounting marketing in June 2012. As P&N’s chief event planner and strategist, Lexi uses internal and external events as a tool to help our professionals reach their personal and business development goals.