Two Southbury, Conn., Firms Unite

Burns and Company and Diversified Financial Solutions (DFS), both of Southbury, Conn., have merged, creating a larger firm in expanded quarters with additional services and specializations to better serve clients, Voices reported

DFS partners Paul Fitzpatrick and Janet Walker welcomed Mark Burns and his staff. The Jan. 1 merger created a larger Diversified Financial Solutions with five CPAs and about a dozen staff members, the newspaper reported.

Burns told Voices he initiated the merger to ensure minimal disruption to clients when he retires “four or five years down the road.” Burns and Company offered a wide range of accounting and tax services to small businesses and individuals, including tax planning, tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll services, financial statement review and compilation and financial services related to insurance and investments. “The nice thing about Diversified Financial Solutions is they do all those things and more,” said Burns, “with additional niches such as accounting services for condo associations, accounting and tax services for estates and trusts.”