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People in the News: February 14-20 Part 1

Baker Newman Noyes Announces New OMP

Portland, Maine-based Baker Newman Noyes (FY12 net revenue of $27.7 million) admitted Jeremy Veilleux as OMP of the firm’s Manchester and Portsmouth offices in New Hampshire. Veilleux serves as a member of the management committee that oversees strategic direction of the firm. Veilleux will help carry out the firm’s strategic plan for growth and continues to lead the recruiting efforts for the firm.

“I look forward to the future of Baker Newman Noyes as we embark on our 15th anniversary serving Manchester, Portsmouth and the surrounding communities,” says Veilleux. “We see the current business climate, as challenging as it is, as an opportunity to bring fresh ideas and creative solutions to our clients.”


CBIZ MHM Announces Promotion of Managing Director

Mitchell Plattman

Mitchell Plattman

Cleveland-based CBIZ & Mayer Hoffman McCann (FY12 net revenue of $615 million), an IPA Top 25 firm, announced the promotion of Mitchell Plattman to managing director.

Plattman has more than 20 years of experience in providing business advisory and consulting services to private equity groups and privately held companies in the apparel and consumer products industries.  He has extensive experience providing due diligence services for potential acquisitions.

“Mitch’s experience in mergers and acquisitions has been a tremendous resource for private equity clients,” says Jeffrey Gluck, senior managing director. “His continuous efforts will help us strategically grow this important segment.”


Gampel Joins Cherry Bekaert as Litigation Support Principal

Richmond, Va.-based Cherry Bekaert LLP (FY13 net revenue of $125.9 million) admitted Peter Gampel as a litigation support principal, in the firm’s Florida office. Gampel will assume leadership of the commercial litigation practice and will provide consulting services in the areas of commercial litigation, fraud and forensics.

Gampel has prepared more than 1,000 business valuation and damages reports for a wide variety of businesses. His expertise has been sought in cases associated with business damages, lost profits, disputes with the Internal Revenue Service, patent infringement, breached of contract, personal injury, false advertising and shareholder and marital disputes. Gampel has testified in U.S. Circuit Courts, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, U.S. Tax Court, the American Arbitration Association and Quebec Superior Court.


John Eusanio Joins CohnReznick As Partner

John Eusanio

John Eusanio

New York-based CohnReznick (FY13 net revenue of $481.8 million), an IPA Top 25 firm, has admitted John Eusanio as partner in the firm’s New York office. Eusanio is a member of the firm’s not-for-profit and education industry practice and health care industry practice. He comes to CohnReznick from a Big 4 accounting firm, where he completed a three-year national rotation in which he assisted engagement teams serving significant governmental and not-for-profit clients.

“John’s expertise in both the health care and not-for-profit industries will be essential to our growing practices in the New York Metro area,” says Steven Mayer, OMP.


CohnReznick LLP Announces Promotions To Partner/Principal

New York-based CohnReznick LLP (FY13 net revenue of $481.8 million), an IPA Top 25 firm, admitted 11 new partners in February 2014.

Gil Bernhard, based in the firm’s headquarters in New York, has more than 25 years of experience in public accounting. Bernhard serves as co-managing director of the firm’s health care industry practice, concentrating on health care audit, financial management and reimbursement issues.

Peter Epp serves as co-managing director of CohnReznick’s health care industry practice alongside Bernhard. Based in the New York office, Epp has more than 25 years of experience, and is a nationally recognized expert in ambulatory health care reimbursement and financing.

Stephanie O’Rourk, based in the firm’s Jericho, N.Y., office, leads the firm’s hospitality industry practice.

Corey Rosenthal, based in the firm’s headquarters office, is part of the state and local tax practice.

Alan Wohl has more than 15 years of diversified public accounting experience. He leads the firm’s entrepreneurial services group in the New York office and is also a member of the firm’s private client services group.

Jonathan Collett, based in the firm’s Glastonbury, Conn., office is a member of the financial services industry practice, providing tax services to the firm’s New England and New York Metro clients.

Ryan Henigan leads the construction industry practice in the firm’s Baltimore office.

Ken Slater, based in the firm’s Bethesda, Md., office, has more than 17 years of experience in providing audit, tax and management advisory services to various types of real estate entities and not-for-profit organizations.

Jason Burian leads the firm’s commercial real estate industry practice in the Chicago office.

Linda Rowland, based in the firm’s Atlanta office, is a member of the firm’s affordable housing industry practice and not-for-profit and education industry practice.

Garrett Ushiyama is a member of the firm’s assurance practice and is based in the Los Angeles office.

The firm also announced new leaders in the following offices. Jim Martinko will serve as the OMP of the firm’s Bethesda, Md., office. David Kessler, who shared the role with Martinko, will focus his full-time efforts on leading the firm’s commercial real estate industry practice. Eric Jones has been promoted to OMP of the Sacramento, Calif., office. This move enables Beth Mullen, previous OMP, to dedicate her full-time attention to the substantial efforts required to lead the firm’s affordable housing industry practice. Mark Hooley accepted the role of OMP, San Diego. Mark has been with the firm since 2003 and has more than 15 years of experience providing audit and consulting services to both publicly traded and privately held companies. Southern California represents a strategic growth market for the firm’s dedicated renewable energy, technology, and life sciences practices.