New Leadership Announced at Rainmaker Companies

The Rainmaker Companies transitions new leadership, the consulting firm announced.  Rainmaker will be led by newly appointed CEO Dan Brooks and President Angie Grissom, as well as longtime firm executives Scott Bradbary, Patrick Pruett and Adelaide Ness, the consulting firm announced.


Dan Brooks

Brooks, who joined the firm in 2013, but has a 20-year relationship with the Rainmaker Companies, built the McGladrey Alliance and brings practice development, operational consulting and M&A experience to Rainmaker. Grissom has served as president and COO of the firm and serves as a consultant to accounting firms.


Angie Grissom

“We teach the importance of succession planning and leadership development,” said founder Troy Waugh, “and what better way to prove our principles than to successfully practice what we preach?” Waugh, author of Leading an Accounting Firm, noted that the leadership changes are the culmination of a planned succession planning process.

The Rainmaker Companies, based in Nashville, is comprised of The Rainmaker Academy, The Rainmaker Consulting Group, Enterprise Worldwide and six accounting alliances.