EKS&H Admits Four to Partner

Denver-based EKS&H (FY12 net revenue of $63.4 million) has admitted four partners, Angela Appleby, Chris Stuart, Lawrence Knutson and Theresa McDowell.

Combined the four new partners, who all work in the Denver office, have nearly 40 years of experience working for EKS&H and nearly 60 years of public accounting and consulting experience.

Appleby is leader of the Risk Advisory Service practice and assists companies with risk, internal controls, and process evaluation.

Stuart works in the firm’s tax service area, providing strategic international tax solutions to both public and privately held clients in a variety of industries.

Knutson provides businesses with a variety of specialty tax services including engineering-based cost segregation studies, research and development tax credits, 382 studies, transaction cost studies, 280G analysis and other specialized tax projects.

McDowell is a leader in the employee benefit plan group, assisting clients to address the compliance issues that have arisen as a direct result of the financial statement audit of the plan.