Berdon Joins TIAG

New York-based Berdon (FY12 net revenue of $97 million) has joined The International Accounting Group (TIAG), which the association says is part of its strategy to expand membership in North America. TIAG hired consultant Allan D. Koltin, CEO of Koltin Consulting Group, to help in this effort and the association is in discussions with several Top 100 firms. Berdon’s membership marks a significant milestone in this expansion project, the association said.

Berdon joins an alliance of more than 110 independent accounting firms around the world, and gains access to TIAG’s sister alliance of independent law firms, TAGLaw. “My co-managing partner Mark Bosswick and our team considered this opportunity carefully and with special advice from renowned consultant Allan Koltin,” said Stuart Kotler, co-MP. “TIAG and TAGLaw offer us a worldwide multi-disciplinary platform from which we can service our current and future clients.”